Cutting Cable

Here is something cool. After a few decades of having cable TV I finally made the break and cancelled my service. Why, you ask? Because the cost was getting so high and I don’t even watch it that much. In fact, I often just watch because it is there but there really weren’t many shows that I actively follow.

Of course, there are many other options for watching TVs and movies in this age of streaming media. I can get both Netflix and Hulu for about a quarter of what I was paying in cable costs. And there are newer offerings that live stream like SlingTV, Vue and DirecTV. At this point I am trying some of these services out to see what I like best for the cheapest cost.


If you haven’t considered “cutting the cord”, I suggest you look at your current bill and see how much you spend. It’s scary how those cable bills creep up over time, especially if you aren’t paying attention.