Document Scanning Tips

Whether you are self-employed or an employee of a company, you will often want to store your paper documents in digital format for later use. There are two main options to convert a paper document into digital format. You can either use manual data entry to convert the document into a digital format to load onto your computer or alternatively, make use of the best scanner you can afford.

A scanner will turn a paper document into digital format easily within the shortest possible time. Making a choice on the type of scanner to buy for your business depends on the quantity of documents you will have to get scanned. If your typical documents are normally less than 50 pages then there will be no need for a high volume scanner. On the other hand, a high volume scanner (see will come in handy if your line of business will entail the scanning of large volumes of documents.


Large Scanner Love

The A3 scanner is one of the great gadgets you can have if you have a need to scan large documents or non-traditional items like artwork and books. This large scanner gives you the ability to copy images of documents that are of sizes up to A3 (hence the name). Since many scanners are only able to scan or print documents with an A4 size maximum, the A3 scanner gives you the ability to work with much larger-sized items.

Like most other scanners, an A3 scanner allows you to scan just about any type of document. It also allows you to save your scanned documents in various formats depending on your tastes so you can refer to them later. And like other scanners, these large-size scanners come with editing software that you gives you the chance to edit the scanned image that is produced.

A3 scanners come in a wide price range, from affordable to quite expensive. If you need high-quality scans then you should consider paying the extra money.

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Webcams by Logitech

The quality of Logitech webcams are much better when compared with other webcams that you can locate. The point that this webcam can record videos in Hi-Def makes this a lot better than a lot of other webcams available. Many individuals love the point that this particular webcam can actually record movies in up to 1080p. The quality that is created with these webcams are just about the highest quality you can find. This is great if you are making those HD video calls to show your mother what your new baby just realized.

Your video calls will also turn out sounding great along with the microphone which is built in to every unit.. They have actually integrated their noise canceling technology in this device. The great thing in regards to this is that people will be able to hear you even if you are inside a room that has a lot of noise in the background. And unlike other webcams that has the particular microphone on the top of the webcam, Logitech has positioned their microphone on the front of the unit.

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Logitech has actually gone one step further with their webcams, as you’ll be able to record your videos and upload them right to the web with their one click technology. This obviously will end up saving you time and frustration from logging in to your Facebook account as well as Youtube account individually. Obviously if your a video Internet marketer you will also be able to use this technology to get your videos up on Youtube.

Scanning with Fujitsu

Fujitsu has a number of assorted ScanSnap scanners for a variety of needs. While they now have high performing desktop scanners, most of these would not be portable enough to take with you on a business trip. Having the S1100 with you while on the road, can save you the hassle of needing find a photocopier or waiting to return to the office to scan a doc.

fujitsu scanner

Take into consideration all of the work that you needed to complete when coming home, after being gone for a few days. Just having something like this on your trip will allow you to be very productive in every waking minute.

The S1100 is a most suitable option if you move from one client to another, or travel every day. With its small dimensions, and with the ease it can be moved, anyone who needs to scan documents quickly will like this scanner. People who work in real estate, health care insurance sales or consultants will undoubtedly benefit from this.

The scanner is really sturdy and it’s very simple to use while the quality of the scan is excellent. Traveling business people know how many things can be scanned for the duration of a business trip. Think how many various receipts can be scanned, and place on your desktop computer.

7 Inch Tablets

After the wild success of Apple’s iPad, a flux of new tablet models have come onto the market. Not only do you now have a few choices in operating systems, but you also have two main sizes to choose from: 7 inch tablets and 10 inch tablets.

Since the iPad is a 10 inch tablet (almost), many of the early competing tablets have been released in the same size. But some people are finding that a 7 inch size is a bit more portable and easier for tasks like reading. In fact, most eReaders come with 6-7 inch screens making them better for holding upright for extended periods of time.

7 inch tablet

The other bonus of a 7 inch vs 10 inch screen is the cost. The smaller tablets tend to be more affordable than their larger counterparts and not everyone can afford a $500-600 tablet.

Here I will review some of the best 7 inch tablets on the market today. I should also mention that the highly anticipated Amazon tablet, the Kindle Fire, is a 7 inch tablet and available for order.